Turning Archive 2006

Natural edge crotch a little different *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>Couple of months ago, (like 5, times fly when.....) I was asked if I wanted any of this.
This, was all the leftover Walnut limbs, branch and parts of the logs with damage that the was left after some veneer logs were cut out of the gully behind my friends place.
Well I cut and dragged for 3 days all the larger Walnut out of the gully and hauled it home.
Now I still have barely enough room to get to my lathe, grinder etc. (VBG)
Couldn't leave it to turn some thinner and natural edge work, and this one, it is not all thin, as it had some bark inclusion plus a small knot, as I was sure it would split wide open, I made a staple from some hard stainless steel wire to prevent it from splitting, and it did work.
All comments appreciated.
Have fun and take care

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