Turning Archive 2006

why do you attend symposiums? Why not?

john lucas
>This question was asked in the British magazine and I was wondering the same thing. One of the major responses they got was perceived value. From my own point of view this is probably one of my major reasons for making the decision to go or not go. I've been to quite a few symposiums over the years and seen a lot of demos so I don't usually go to see a particular demo although that does help make the decision. I usually base my decision on whether or not I think I'll learn enough to justify paying for the event. For my pocket book they aren't cheap and require some commitment on my part to justify the expense. In reality that never works out. By that I mean I could probably buy I can't really say I learned X amount therefore this trip payed for itself. The main reason I think I go is meet other turners. I learn as much from them as I do from the demonstrators and of course it's just nice to see these people. The last time I went to the Southern States Symposium I missed at least 1/3 of the demos because I was out in the vendor area talking to the vendors or other turners.

What are your thoughts. I'll try to compile them and send this info to the editor since he was asking about how we in the US thought of symposiums.

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