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Chat solution

Ruth Niles
>First, isn't this forum exactly what you guys are trying to do on the Chat? It's extremely difficult to have more than 10 people in a chatroom trying to stay on any subject. By the time you type a response or question, there are 8 more and, I for one, have no idea who you've just responded to or who you want an answer from because it's off my screen by now.

We have this wonderful forum, every post stays right in the thread, you can have critiques, discuss form, post pictures, ask for information and get a whole LOT more people to help you. Why can't we just post all those pictures you're sending to Ron right here so the 400+ members can all see them and possibly even get a few lurkers (Fred?) to express an opinion and join us.

The chat is called a "CHAT", it's not called "DISCUSSIONS", it's meant for one night for about 1 1/2 hrs. of fun. What is so wrong with a little socializing and fun. Personally, I don't go to the chat anymore because after reading this forum, maybe WoW and possible the AAW, by 9:30 p.m. I don't want any serious conversation about any subject. I want to CHAT with friends.

Now that's one woman's opinion.

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