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Norfolk Island Pine bowl PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I got this chunk of NIP from David Chung back a few months ago, but was involved in a cabinet project so let it sit for a while. I sort of wish now I had turned it sooner as it really spalted in the time since I got it. I think it turned out ok, but would have been better with more of the cream color.

Bowl is about 8 inches across and 6 high. I turned it pretty thin. It is about 1/16 to 1/8 in most places with the foot itself being about 1/4. Finish was a 2 day soak in danish oil and then back onto the lathe for sanding. Final finish is a buffing on the Beall system. Even with the extra spalting, I really like this one. My better half must like it as well as she claimed it as soon as it came off the lathe! That's only happened with about 3 or 4 others, so this one must be ok :)

Even with so much spalting, it is amazingly translucent, so much to the point that even just sitting on the shelf with lights above it, it almost "glows" in the cream colored areas.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.

Thanks for taking a look,


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