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Sanding Discs Abrassives/INdyfest *PIC*

>Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let you all know about some new sanding discs that I've been using lately and have come to just love how well they work. In my class this summer one of the other students was using some blue sanding discs on a pneumatic random orbital sander and he was letting everyone else borrow his stuff. As a rule I usually just hand sand. I'm not big on power sanding at all. I’ve tried it…..spent all the money on the pads that heat up and fall apart and all that good stuff….but over the course of the week I kept noticing that everybody's finishes were incredibly nice and smooth as a baby's butt and so I asked Charles if I too could borrow his random orbital sander and try his discs. Wow....I was sold. This stuff is called is blue flex micron film. The finish is amazing and I honestly am not sure how much the random orbital sander had to do with it…but when I use a piece of the discs for cleaning up a spot….it still works fabulously. Jump a month ahead to the AAW symposium, and there are these Blue discs. Everybody is buying them like hotcakes! I decide to take the dive into power sanding again and I bought a bunch of these things in three different sizes….I also geared up with a new random orbital sander like Charles had at the class and some nice hook and loop pads to hold the discs. I haven’t looked back. These discs cut fast, and don’t clog very fast and they seem to last much longer than any other discs I’ve used. The clincher is….they are cheaper than most other discs. I purchased these from Vince’s WoodNWonders booth at the symposium. While there I found out that he was located in Jeffersonville, IN. So I’ve asked Vince if he’d like to come to the INdyfest in October and peddle his wares and as of today he is planning on being there! So that will be a neat deal for anybody wanting to try these out. Another reminder too that there will be other vendors there as well. Woodcraft is going to be there along with a Sorby rep, I’m trying to get Woodturningz there with all of their pen making stuff…especially their pen blanks. Doug Thompson has been making some bowl gouges that he is going to have for sale. Anybody who has something that they make that is related to turning and would like to have a place to sell it contact me or Terry Quirram and we’ll get you a table that weekend!

I’m not affiliated with Vince at all…..I’m just wanting to pass along this really great product.


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