Turning Archive 2006

Artsy Orts?

Carole Valentine
>Prior to Mike's and some other's postings of Orts Bowls, the only type of ort I was aware of was the kind I toss in my dog's bowl. Not being a needlepointer, I began to wonder about the Orts Bowl thing. Is is a status symbol among needlepointers? Some sort of personal statement? Do needlepointers admire and perhaps covet each other's orts bowls? I mean, one could use a half pint Mason jar just as easily. And what about the inside? Seems to me that unless it was absolutley glass smooth (maybe even coated with thick poly or something similar, it would be impossible to get every last ort out since those tiny threads would snag on even the most microscopic roughness. And finally, is there a use for orts? Do they just get thrown away or do people collect them (much like a string or rubber band ball)?
It's much more relaxing to ponder things like this with my morning coffee than watch the always depressing news or read the equally depressing newspaper. :))

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