Turning Archive 2006

Voids that I do not fill *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>Sometimes we fill voids and splits and cracks, but other times leaving them as they are just looks better.
I had some very figured hard maple that on one end was being eaten by an army of wood worms/grubs, and I made a couple of small bowls out of that part as well as the rest of the wood.
Turning and picking grubs and part grubs as I went along, also from the wall and the lathe etc, even just about eat one, then cleaned all the eaten and digested and redeposited wood out of the wood, sanding is a challenge as the sandpaper likes to grab and rounds the crisp edges, so careful handsanding and powersanding only in spots.
The wood being solid in one half of the bowl and hardly any wood on the other side doesn't make for easy smooth turning, however I did get it finished without any chunks being plucked out.
This bowl is about 9"X3" and I put some pure tung oil on it and buffed it a bit very carefully.

Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

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