Turning Archive 2006

CET/Glaser Update

Mkauder, Phenix City, AL
>WC Gang,

I promised to keep people updated on the new CET & Glaser tools I bought and have been using.

I did an all day demonstration in Hickory, North Carolina on Saturday. I brought the blue handled, black coated 3/8" CET/Cryo, my 3/8" CET/Glaser, Glaser negative rake scraper and my 1/2" CET/Glaser.

I had them laying on the lathe all day (I do little turning in my segmented turning demos), and every break in the demo a small group would come up and fondle them. I just lent an ear to see what was said. Here is generally what I heard all day..

1) They loved the handles (both red and blue).

2) They liked the new flute on the CET/Glasers

3) The negative rake scraper sure looks good. As big as it is, I am not sure it needs a handle.

4) They thought that the black coated one was cool looking, really different from most turning tools.

5) They loved the screw into the handle concept.

No negative comments that I heard. No inquires to me about prices.

For me, the 3/8' CET is my go to gouge when that size if appropriate - the edge -a good edge - lasts longer.

I have no update on the retail availability of any of the tools.


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