Turning Archive 2006

Rolly Munro Mini Hollower -- SWEEEET!

Ed Moore
>After several strange twists, I ordered the Mini Hollower from Binh Pho and received it promptly. My initial reaction was surprise at how small the cutters are. I just measured them and they are 9/32". Well they were plenty aggressive and I set the cover so the shaving would be thinner.

My first use of the Munro hollower was hollowing the interior of a small cherry goblet and it went well. Since there is a learning curve for the Munro, I chose to clean up the cuts with a curved scraper, but it was clear that with some practice that might not be necessary. This was also my first goblet and I didn't want to blow it. Thank you Jimmy Clewes DVD's. It would not have occurred to me to use a 1/4" bowl gouge (standard grind) for the exterior and the stem had I not seen it on Jimmy's DVD.

My conclusion is that the excellent reputation of the Munro hollowers is well-deserved. I am looking forward to trying it on small boxes.

Observation: In Jimmy's DVD where he turns an end-grain vase, he introduces a variety of hollowers. Now his name is on a Hamlet combo set. But in the DVD it is clear that he does most of the hollowing with a Munro. Hmmmm!


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