Turning Archive 2006

Turning Blank Exchange - Last Day!!!

Jason Clark
>We currently have 22 participants:
Jason C.
Paul P.
Carol V.
Kurt R.
Larry L.
Harvey B.
Ed K.
Doug M.
David C.
Bill H.
Bill B.
Brad V.
Roger D.
E. Karch
Steven A.
Gil J.
Ron M.
Bert S.
Rick D.
Mike F.
Doug L.
David B.

Participants are due 9/12 and exchange partners will be assigned no later than 9/15. Packages should be mailed no later than 9/20.

Those who would like to participate should email me at 11-7/8" x 13-5/8" x 3-3/8"

Remember, your goal is to send something that you would be happy with if you were on the receiving end. Some of the woods already committed include Box Elder Burl, Desert Ironwood, Sassafrass, Walnut, and others.

Those with ample supplies of wood and those who are wood poor please contact me privately so I can try to make arrangements.

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