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I will not be demoing at The Woodworking Shows

Steve Russell
>Hello Friends,

As many of you know, for the last several years I have demonstrated
woodturning techniques across the United States at The Woodworking Shows.
Through the years, I have had the privilege to meet many of you on this
newsgroup and share a wee bit about our shared love of woodturning. However,
when the new season starts in a week or so, I will not be demonstrating
woodturning, as I'm told the woodturning sponsor did not renew my specific
demonstration area. I'm sure there will be some type of woodturning demos
for the new season, but I do not know the specifics.

I would like to personally thank officers and directors of The Woodworking
Shows and its staff for the last five years that I was associated with the
show. Also, for the many corporate sponsors over the years that helped to
bring woodturning to The Woodworking Shows, by sponsoring my woodturning
demonstration area. A very big thanks as well to James and Rita of JR Expo
Services, whose tireless efforts to transport my equipment every week from
show to show, was very much appreciated.

In my demonstrations, numerous woodworkers over the years have told me that
they had never turned before, but after seeing my demonstration, wanted to
start turning wood. That was a special honour for me, as I believe we all
share the desire to be the catalyst that inspires someone to become a
woodturner. Years ago, before I opened my studio, John Jordan's work
inspired be to renew my interest in woodturning and open my studio, Eurowood
Werks. He continues to inspire me, as do many of the other woodturners I
have met through the years.

After almost eleven years and 1,746 woodturning demonstrations to date, my
interest in woodturning is stronger than ever and it continues to grow.
Woodturning is well know for being addictive and it's an addiction none of
us wants to "cure." My time at The Woodworking Shows was truly a singular
pleasure for me and it will be hard not to see you folks on a regular basis
anymore. So many of you have become an extended "family" to me and I'm truly
honoured to call you my friends.

As for me, I'm busier than ever with studio projects, including completing
my third and newest woodturning e-book and two new DVD videos on
woodturning. Also, I'm finally getting a website up in running and I will
let you know when it is online. Thanks again to all of you who have helped
me so much through the years, for stopping by my demo booth to say "HI" and
for supporting my studio's educational efforts through attendance at my live
demonstrations and through purchasing my e-Books and DVD videos. Take care
and all the best to you and yours!

Steve Russell
Eurowood Werks Woodturning Studio
The Woodlands, Texas

(P.S. this is a copy of a post I put on the rec.woodturning newsgroup for those that do not frequent the newsgroup any longer)

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