Turning Archive 2006

Chainsaw quandry

Scott Longberry
>Hi all,

I know that asking for opinions on chainsaw brands is sort of like asking what political party to join, but I'm going to go ahead and ask anyway (about the chainsaw, not the political party! :) ).

I'll start by saying that I have $200 to spend on a chainsaw. I've never owned one before but have recently come into some large pieces of Walnut that will not fit on my bandsaw. So... I'm using it as an excuse to get a chainsaw. I know that there will be many people who will tell me to wait and get a Stihl, but that's really not in my budget at the moment.

A couple of pieces of information that may be pertinent first. I live in Colorado and therefore do not have access to a ton of hardwoods that need to be taken down. This saw will be primarily used to trim down the logs that I do get into manageable sizes. In the past 1.5 years, I've borrowed an electric chainsaw once to cut some blanks, so the saw will not be seeing heavy use.

I've been looking at two saws. The Husqvarna 141 or the Poulan PP4620AVX. The Husqvarna has a 16" bar and a 2.2 HP engine while the Poulan has a 20" bar and a 40cc engine (do't know how that translates to HP). So, the question is, would I be better off with the extra bar length of the Poulan? Or with the Husqvarna simply because of their reputation?



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