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Take a deep breath, ...

Ed Moore
>slooooowww doowwwwnnn, and relax. Here and on other sites far too many of the current posts are rants and thinly disquised vents that make one wonder if the moon is full or there's a tsunami about to hit. Why is all this vitriol coming out of the woodwork now?

1. Fact. There are several forums with different emphases and flavors and one is sponsored by the AAW.

One the AAW site there are people who seem to live or die according to when their copy of the AAW Journal arrives by mail. And they act as if life on this planet should cease if newsstand copies are available prior to their copy arriving. To those people I say "GET A LIFE!!"

On WoW there are those who just have to make their smarmy political comments. It's a privately owned site, so the owner sets the standard his way. Take it or leave it.

2. Fact. No organization is perfect.

The AAW is growing and has the usual accompanying growing pains. We need to vote for good directors so that cliques with questionable agendas and ethics don't ruin it. I know SOME of the past and current directors and they are among the finest folks I know.

Elitism is in the eye of the beholder. And as long as there are people there will be fads and fashion. While I understand that when a viewpoint different from mine is prevalent I might not like it, I do not see why the entire organization must be condemned when this occurs. There is a current trend to emphasize surface decoration and carving. But the works of Bill Luce, Bert Marsh, and many others who seem to make exquisitely shaped bowls are still in vogue and are greatly appreciated. There is no discernible honor in taking potshots at the AAW just because we don't like the current fads.

So, take a deep breath, exhale, and be thankful for the problems that we don't have. Then, do something for someone else today.


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