Turning Archive 2006

CET/Glaser Hi-Tec Bowl Gouge

Barry Turner
>It may be just my imagination, but my new CET/Glaser Bowl Gouge seems to have a keener edge than either of my other bowl gouges. It also holds the edge quite well. I re-shaped the factory bevel to a classic Ellsworth grind using the newest version of David's jig. Just a bit of the factory bevel remains.....it will be gone after a couple more sharpenings.

The new Glasers have a screw-in end plug for the handles. I lost mine. I emailed CET and Paulo Marin, CEO replied saying that he would send me another.....no charge. It arrived Saturday.....well, actually "they arrived". He send not one plug, but two so I would have a spare! I'm gonna make sure this one is tight!

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