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Powermatic model 90 lathe value

Larry Clinton in Frankfort, Indiana
>Hi, I'm usually on the flat side but need some expert advice from some of you turners. I live in Central Indiana and a local school is selling off its woodworking equipment. They have 3 Powermatic lathes, all model 90's. According to the gentleman handling the sale one is in decent condition the other two need some parts or work. As the only lathes I have are one "homemade" I picked up at an auction and two cheap craftsman lathes I haven't even set up yet - (paid $50 for one and $5.00 for one at an auction). My married son is quite interested in turning, and I would like to learn more about the craft. I wondered if the Powermatic is a good choice. The lathes are all 3 phase so I would either have to change the motor or install a VFD or converter.

Questions are 1. Would you recommend purchasing the lathe?

And 2. What is a fair price for this piece of equipment? I told the gentleman I would make an appointment next week to look at the equipment.

They have a 6" jointer; I already have an 8" so wasn't interested in that. The maintenance department is keeping the tablesaw and bandsaw. Not sure if they have anything else for sale - will find out when I look at the lathes.

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