Turning Archive 2006

Total novice questions *PIC*

>I'm hoping someone might be kind enough to help me with some information.

I want to turn some handles...for chisels and files. Simple, no frills, utilitarian stuff. I could buy a wood lathe, I suppose, but I've got a South Bend 9" in the basement and a large 14X40 Logan in the garage (the lathe looking machine on the right in the picture). I'd prefer not to encrust them in shavings and sawdust, but I think I can cover them and clean them in less time and money than going shopping for a dedicated mini-lathe.

Any cautions you can think of?

Can you suggest an on-line site than might show me the basics of adapting something for a tool rest, what minimal tooling I need to do the cutting and the basics of safe tool technique? I just don't need any more books. I've got lots of chisels and gouges and can grind and hone well. I'd just like to adapt something rather than go out and buy dedicated turning cutters.

Also, would it be a mistake to try using a scrub plane against a rotating rectangular wood blank to rough down to a quasi-cylinder shape.

Don't hesitate to tell me what's stupid or dangerous, I have thick skin on these questions.

Thanks in advance, Bob

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