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Getting back to turning

john lucas
>Boy I'm ready for some turning. I've been working on building the treadle lathe. It's coming along but I miss using the lathe. I should get to turn in a day or so. I have to make the drive wheel and I plan to do it on the lathe. Will have to build an outboard tool rest to turn 24". I hope to do that tomorrow while I'm gluing up the parts for the wheel.

this isn't a totally traditional treadle lathe. I had a spindle left over from another lathe so I'm using that as the drive spindle. That way I can use faceplates and chucks and #2 morse taper accessories. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the tailstock yet. I'll probably cut a taper in the wood for now and look at putting in a metal morse taper later on.

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