Turning Archive 2006

BAck from North Carolina *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>I just got home from my abreviated trip to Charlotte...my best friend's son got married, and I visited my son who lives in the area. We were messing with my digital cam, in an effort to get it working correctly....didn't help, need a new camera.

Here is a photo of a stopper I brought as a gift to my friend. Holly, pink ivory and ebony, on a Niles SS Stopper, naturally! The "cork" is the same block of holly as the goblet, just burnt and colored to simulate a cork. The cherry is glued into a round mortise, as is the stem. (not a good photo, just sitting at his kitchen table)

I came home early, as my daughter is due any minute with my second grandson...didn't want to miss it!

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