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Cancer Kids Need Our Help *Long* *LINK*

Keith I - E. Tenn.
>Hi folks,
A few months ago I read an article in one of my better half's beading magazines (as in glass beads) about a program designed to help children with cancer cope with the pain and sickness and all the other nasty stuff. The article really inspired me to help in some way but as I don't make glass beads, I wondered if there was something else I could do. I decided that I would see if donating a few turned boxes would be a help. I contacted the founder of the organization with my idea and what did she say? They had just had a meeting a day or two before and decided that they needed boxes of some sort! Amazing! I then proceeded to turn a prototype box suitable for a child to see if it would meet their needs. They loved it! Now all I have to do is come up with a whole bunch more. Actually, at last check, there were 14 hospitals and over a thousand kids participating with the program. Soon, a link especially for turners will be added to the "Beads of Courage" website below, but until then I plan on contacting every turner I can find to see if they can help. I can't turn a thousand boxes, but if a thousand turners could turn one box.... Ellis has graciously allowed me to ask here first, if anyone would be interested in helping these courageous kids. Please check out the link below and contact me here or my e-mail if you would like to help.

Thanks so much,
Keith Inscho

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