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New JET 1642 - - First real use opinions

Pete LaBelle
>As mentioned a month or so back, a new JET 1642 followed me home one day to replace my JET 1236. These past few days, I had a chance to put it thru its paces roughing out 26 maple bowls, some at the maximum swing over the bed.

Overall, I am really impressed with this machine and pleased with my purchase. A 300# weight box was added with help from designs on this site before any turning started. The variable frequency drive is a blessing for turners. It allows you to better tune the speed of your out-of-round piece to avoid the natural frequencys that shake the machine. Was not aware prior to purchasing this machine that the drive has a soft start & stop feature. Really helps with the big blanks that have a lot of momentum.

The machine was purchased with the 2hp motor, and so far, even with agressive cutting, haven't taxed it. This machine comes without a plug on the end of the cord. Since a plug had to be purchased (as there are several different combinations of 220V plugs available), I also removed the 6' cord supplied with the machine and replaced it with a longer one to avoid the use of an extension cord.

The best price on the machine was found at Toolnut.com. Having the ability to deliver it to a commercial address (with loading docks and fork trucks) will save you money on shipping. The packaging was perfect when it arrived at my place of work 4 days after ordering.

Thus far, and really impressed overall and am looking forward to many hours of chip making in the basement.


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