Turning Archive 2006

Rolly Munro Mini Hollowing set

Ed Moore
>As I have posted before, I have been working on getting the MINI hollowing set-up that Rolly Munro produces. Please be aware that Rolly has moved and that the Whiritoa address on his website is no longer valid.

After much back and forth, the comedy team of Munro and Moore determined that it was far easier for Moore to obtain the desired set from Binh Pho than to have one sent from New Zealand. Moore was not aware of this option when the saga began. It is believed that Munro knows where he lives now, but had not chosen to make the necessary changes on his website, assuming that the omniscient Moore would use his telepathic powers to divine the new address. But poor Moore, who couldn't pour water from a boot when told that the directions were on the heel, was last seen wandering around Burnt Chimney, Virginia, the home of the famous arse-kicking machine.

In any case, if you want a Mini hollowing set from Rolly Munro, PLEASE contact BINH PHO!


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