Turning Archive 2006

Price quotes?

Edward in Vancouver
>Starting to "do my homework" on finding a new (and better!) lathe. Checked out Nova's 3000 on the website, and KMS tells me they'll be bringing a few in in late fall with a price of just under $1,000 CDN. Saw a Delta for around $800.00, but as a display model alot of the stuff is missing and there's no way to check it out or give it a trial run.

A few members here suggested General 260. But just how do you get a price quote? O.K. so it's not a chop saw, and retailers are reluctant to bring one in as a show model, understood. But no one can give me quote on a ballpark price, it's: "We'll have to call Quebec and then give you a call in about a week."... Does anyone (retailer)in the Vancouver area have a closer, uh, relationship, with General?

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