Turning Archive 2006

Phoenix Visit and Wedding *PIC*

George Van
>I am finally settled into a normal routine after attending my daughterís wedding in Sedona, Az. After walking my daughter down the aisle, during the part of the ceremony where they say who gives this person, my son-in-law turns to a duffle bag on the floor and produces a beautiful Manzanita root burl in exchange for my daughter. To say I was surprised would be quite an understatement!

I later found out the provider was Paul Porter. My daughter had asked me whom I would be visiting while I was out there for the wedding and his name was mentioned. She found his web site and arranged to meet him at his house where he agreed on the surprise and gave her a choice of some burls. When my daughter wanted to pay he told her with a smile a photo would suffice.

I met with Paul and his wife one evening after the wedding before I left. It was a great visit with two interesting and welcoming hosts. After touring his shop I had a discussion with Paul on hollow forms and form. It was the best lesson I have had as he critiqued some of his roughs for form and explained what he will change, then the real lesson was when he had me hold some of his finished forms to show me that the real test is how they feel in your hands. Something you cannot see in a photo or do without removing the form from the lathe.

It was a very special time in Arizona, made even more special by Paulís generosity and friendship.

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