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Lock up your wood or woman

DougJ in Crawfordsville, IN
>I got to laugh at it now, but when it happened I wasn't laughing.
While in Florida this week, our septic system got clogged. No big deal, in the heavier rains it does back up. I have the clean out cover easily accessible to get the clog flowing again when you poke and prod the sewage in the right direction (maybe a bit too graphic for some). My wife per phone calls had to undertake this task herself. I told her what to do and how to do it. Later that evening she calls me and says all is Ok now. I asked what she used to unclog the system. She says "a stick from the shop", instant panic went through my mind as I have many "sticks" in the shop. Mainly I was concerned about the 4 foot long X 3 inch wide piece of cocobola I have leaning against the wall in my cutoff bin (I don't get a chance at much import woods so I charish what I do have). I asked her "what stick specifically?" She replied, "just some of that ugly dowel rod stuff". Instant relief fall over me, dowel rods are easily replaced and I have a number of them.
Fast forward to getting home,, got home at night. Next day got up, checked email and some computer stuff, then decided to go do a little damage control out at the septic clean out. Outside, I see a limb from the willow tree, a spoon latel, a piece of quarter round trim, another limb from another tree, and a grand childs toy (the culprit) but NO dowel. "What was she talking about a dowel, must of been the quarter round?" I asked myself. Slowly turning towards the house, there it lays on the ground up against the foundation, a 4foot X 3 inch piece of cocobola.
I couldn't believe it. I didn't get mad or anything (how could I, she did what she thought was right), I just called the Mrs. and asked "of all the wood I have out there in the shop you had to pick the most expensive piece I had". She answers by saying "Honey, I looked all over the shop for the ugliest piece of wood cause then it wouldn't be a loss". She's a good woman and she did her best with what she thought was right, I love that girl, and she makes me laugh.

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