Turning Archive 2006

Problems reverse chucking

eliot d
>I just turned a river -rock -shape hollow form to a fairly thin thickness -- about 3/16 in. -- maybe even 1/8. The wood is ambrosia maple, about 3 in high and 8 in wide. It was held on a glue block, which, in turn was held in a chuck. But when it came to reverse chucking it, to get the glue block off and clean up the foot, I had problems because the piece was very thin and vibrated. The wood just didn't want to be cut and there was a distinct hollow sound. I had the feeling that I was going to lose the piece. Leaving the glue block at the headstock end and parting off at that end gave me an even less confident feeling because I was fearful that it would go flying and really end up like potato chips. The vessel was too thin to use a live center cone (part way into the opening ) at the tail stock for support. I finally succeeded in the reverse chuck mode ,but it was harrowing, What should I have done?

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