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building a super cool sharpening system *LINK*

matt fallon
>hey folks, long time no visit sorry :)
i picked up this idea at a rustic artists retreat of sorts in Warwick NY
called teh Woodlanders Gathering. www.woodlanders.com its a really great bunch of people and this year was fantastic (my first time teaching a native bamboo flutemaking workshop)

anyways, this is compliments of eric bunn,a master carver in NJ.
he got it from a fellow in canada who i think sells them for upwards of $500 (!!) im planning on making one with motor/step-pullies from a cheapo reliant bandsaw i have (guide bearings broke off)

im also thinking of adding a few extra grit wheels,maybe 1 with emory,a wire wheel or sanding mop,buffers,just make it more multi-functional for finishing...though mayeb i dont want all those things together spinning too fast?buffers need more spead than the sandpaper wheels i guess...maybe an extra mandrel just for buffers,hmm...
adding an adjustable tool rest bar across the front seems like a good idea...this thing spun in reverse of a lathe..top away from you,freehand thats desirable,but with a toolrest is it better to spin towards like a grinder to get the burr on top?. the pictures speak for themselves so no ore description is needed i dont think?

i found the pillow-block/bearing housings at McMaster-Carr for $8 and $25 depending on type...

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