Turning Archive 2006

Not really OT...Some words of concern. *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>I was starting to sign up for the WOOD Magazine tool giveaway they advertised on the cover wrap of the latest issue, but stopped. As some who works with computers all day, there were two things that bothered me about the site entry form. 1) This one is most important, I am asked to enter a lot of personal information, but it is NOT a secure site. 2) There really is no reason they should be asking me for my date of birth. Yes, maybe they are just trying to gauge their demographic, but the combination of information they are requesting is a rather ideal package for someone engaged in identity theft. Again, going back to number one, if it was a secure site (which it most definitely should be) I probably would not be concerned, but it is not.

As much as I want to win the tools, I think I'll wait until they (hopefully) secure the site.


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