Turning Archive 2006

The drought is over..glug...glug...

Carole Valentine
>Well, for not much of a storm, Ernesto packed a pretty good little wallop. I measured 9.5" of rain and a good bit overflowed the gauge. Lots of flooding and tree damage around from micro-burst. I was lucky. Didn't lose anything but a dead pine and a dogwood. Big walnut tree down across the church driveway, a huge Ginko on a friends house and another huge tree (oak) in the yard. All the Bradford pear trees were damaged. Don't know why people keep replanting those things. No power and no estimate as to when it will be back on. Thank goodness for generators. Only problem is it does not power my chop. :(
Barb, left a message on my phone. They are OK, but they got hit pretty hard for just a "tropical depression." Really high tides, lots of downed trees, no power. Guess she will have plenty of wood for me and Ruth to turn when we visit!

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