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Genreal 260 opinions, value?

Jake (SoMN)

I have an oportunity to purchase a general 260 Vs (reeves drive) lathe. It is set up currently as a 12". It has a lot of tooling including an outboard tool rest, multiple faceplates and extra rests and banjos. It has seen minimal use.

any ideas on value, and general opinions. I am currently turning on a Conover with step pulleys and am curious if it worth the money to upgrade.

I would want to put the riser block kit on it and mostly turn bowls.

It seems like a well built machine, but don't know much about the reeves drive. How does it work with a riser block and under the loads of bowl turning?

It seems all lathe manufacturers have left this type of design behind. Is is difficult to turn the backside of bowls with doing single mount faceplate turning due to the large cabinet?

Thanks much for your patience and opinions.

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