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Vincent Welch
>Hello All,
As some of you might remember I stated that I was putting together a MS Power Point Presentation of my May 2006 visit to Oneway Manufacturing. The presentation is available for downloading from my website. http://www.vinceswoodnwonders.com Please click on Oneway Tour.

Please hear me clearly, I do not work for Oneway or reimburst in anyway. I am just a satisfied customer. If Vicmarc or some other lathe/woodturning tool manufacturer was close by you would be viewing their facility instead of this one. I made this trip and took these PICs producing this presentation as a learning tool for anyone or any turning/wood club who might be interested in viewing these PICs. So, I hope you enjoy this presentation and please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, Vince

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Oneway Tour *LINK*
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