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New Chainsaw works...... *PIC*

Dave Belser
>Time for a gin & tonic and a bath. This morning I finally got to the birch tree on my neighbors back lawn. It blew down about 3 or 4 months ago. It was half dead standing so some of it is pretty punky. I promised myself that I wasn't going to have rough chunks of tree lying around at the end of the day - so 11 hours later its all been reduced to working size.

I got 6 bowl blanks roughed out, the largest is 16". They all have some cracks that needed gluing. When people soak spalted punky wood in 50/50 glue water, when do you do it? I assume I need to wait until after they have dried out. Also can I get away just soaking the soft stuff or do I need to do the whole blank?

The rest of the stuff is smaller blanks for spindle work. I've learned that it's not always worth chasing crotch figure for a bowl or platter, so this time I just cut the figure out and squared it off.

well goodnight.

- Dave

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New Chainsaw works...... *PIC*
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