Turning Archive 2006

Photo Booth Design -- ? for Jamie ? John ?

Brad Vietje
>Its been a long while since I was able to post any good photos here, since my digital camera was stolen some 3 years ago. I now have a new one, and have been delayed in building a photo booth by moving, renovating, etc..., but now I'm ready. In fact, I keep selling things of which I have no photo record, which bugs me. I'd like to at least have an album of the nicest ones.

Problem is, after looking all over WOW's and searching the archives here, I haven't yet found all the posts of photo tents or photography setups, which I know are posted somewhere ... can someone provide a link or two, or perhaps e-mail a tried and true design ? I remember a lot of discussion of Jamie's set-up on the WoW's a few years ago, but I haven't stumbled upon it yet.

Thank you kindly,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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