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>I live in Southern California and in just over two years of
spinning wood I have tried a fair number of exotic timbers.
I'm extremely fortunate to have a fairly large variety of species
and number of exotic wood dealers in my area.
Katalox or Swartzia cubensis could be one of the hardest most dense
materials I've ever worked with... it is almost like stone.

Try the link for a factsheet & images

Because I have some problems with my hands I use a 4 screw
faceplate instead of single screw chuck to initially mount my
bandsaw-rounded blanks and rough turn and then shape a tenon
for reverse chucking into a talon 4 jaw scroll chuck.
I drilled pilot holes into my Katalox blank and used
a 1 1/2 inch wood screw and broke a couple of the screwheads off
with my cordless drill and #3 phillips bit.
After a few choice expletives I realized one mistake
I made ( and should have known better ) was using
screws that were previously used. Metal fatigue.
A dab of beeswax is something my grandnfather used to use
and something I should have remembered to use.
I'm trying to figure out what else I might do when
I retry screwing on the faceplate.
Maybe I should just glue a wasteblock on.
I'm still stuck with the problem of extracting
the broken off shanks of the screws.
The Katalox was touted as an economical substitute
for ebony... but time wasted and wear and tear on hardware
and yours truly kind of balances things out in the long run.
Thanks for any ideas,

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