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Update-Artshow with a Twist...

>Well, the Art Show with a Twist was a complete bust last night. Nobody sold much of anything. I happened to sell one pen to the tune of $60 right before I started tearing down. If not for that I would have gone home with a $7.00 parking fee and a $5.00 bellhop fee. As it turned out I guess I did make a few bucks. Guess that's better than eating a bug! It was painful though. The theme of the convention was "The Art of Human Resources" and this was a "tie in" to the theme. A pretty far stretch in my opinion. The planning on where to put us was poor and we ended up inside one of the convention rooms off the hallway where drinks and finger food was served....people would pop their heads in and say...oh, what convention are you with? Helloooooo....none of them knew anything about us being there in advance. Lots of people said, "oh, I wish I would have known you were going to be here"...I guess they would have brought money? I'm not sure what that meant? Some asked if we were going to be there for the "big event" on Wednesday night? Noop...just this evening. I'm certain that the event planner was clueless as to how much time and energy it takes us to haul all the stuff necessary for even a one evening show. Anyway....live and learn. since I'm suffering from a head cold, I would have much rather spent the evening curled up in bed with a good movie. A bad movie even!

Jen :(

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