Turning Archive 2006

Setting up wood storage

Mark Wollschlager
>I have an excellent opportunity to set up a proper wood storage spot in my back yard.
For some reason , my wife does not like the growing pile of tree trunks and logs in the front yard.
She has granted me an area in the back yard, about 8X10, an old brick planter. One end is raised
a couple of feet and the other end is flush with the ground.
Currently the surface is packed dirt.
My plan so far is to put down some gravel. Place cinder block on the gravel with some PT strechers between them.
I was thinking of using a couple of pieces of green fiberglass corrugated material as a roof.
That would keep the direct sunlight, rain, and snow off of the pile.
Hopefully I will have enough room on the side for chainsawing.

I need to have enough raw material around to feed my new (to me) Stubby. (Thanks Ed.)

Anything else I should consider, or other suggestions?


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