Turning Archive 2006

Glue failure & flying bowls

>Due to recent life experience, I have removed Gorilla Glue from my arsenal for turning supplies. I've used it with great results in the flat world o wood, and understood that it works best with moisture present so when I needed a strong glue to hold a green blank to a glueblock for reverse turning Gorilla glue seemed to make the most sense. I know I used plenty of glue, and let it dry for about 20 hours. I mounted it and trued the blank up removing all the dried glue that had expanded and began hollowing. I hit a small catch which hardly kicked back,then I hear "thwap thwap thwap thwap thwap" and the blank is wabbling for a few rotations before coming completely loose, hitting the banjo, and slamming into the wall.
As we say in rugby, "No blood, No foul!" but even though I did not get hit, I think I'm gonna save all my gorilla glue for flat work that only has the potential to drop me from a sitting position instead of a blank that can result in concusions.

Anybody else been here?

~ Thad

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