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Mickey Mouse Cabinets

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

This post should be subtitled "Why I haven't been turning since around the first of the year". Back last fall, I agreed to make a set of builtin bookcases for some very good friends. I never thought it would take this long, but they are basically done. My friends have been more than patient as I would come to their house, measure and then show up and measure the same stuff again! They have also been very patient as to how long this project has taken. Just a little touch up paint around the caulk and things are done. Since the first of the year, I have turned to completion 5 bowls and about 10 wine stoppers. Not quite my usual production levels!

Shelves are all birch playwood with poplar face frames. 200+ biscuit slots in the face frames and 1500+ shelf pin holes! The shelf drilling jig from WoodHaven worked very, very well. But, man, my arm was tired after all those holes! The Mickey heads were cut with a pair of forstner bits. I cleaned out behind the heads so we can recess colored glass in there later.

Anyway, the cabinets were lots and lots of fun to make and I learned a lot doing them. They make up an "L" in what was a dining room and is now a library. one wall is about 10 feet and the other is 8. They are 8 feet high. There is approximately 150 linear feet of shelf space here. Their book collection is simply amazing! Lots of books.

I built and painted the cabinets in my shop across town. I was a little nervous about everything fitting, but they seemed to fit just fine.

First pic is during inital installation of the corner:

Second pic is of the basic cabinets installed.

3rd pic shows the kitchen wall with the cabinest basically done. There is some touchup to do around the caulking and the crown moulding, but other than that it is done. There are shelves for all the units, but some were propped behind me when taking the pics.

The last pic shows the outside wall with the breakfront portion of the cabinets. They part with doors will hold an aquarium on it. I re-inforced the top with some plywood laminated beams. I jumped up and down on that piece when it was in the shop and it seemed solid as a rock, so hopefully it will hold and aquarium! The doors are just simple biscuit joined pieces with a recessed panel. The lower cabinet on the left appears to have a crooked shelf, but it just wasn't set on the pins correctly. It doesn't lean, really :) The last bit of "filler" trim is there on the left and needs to be painted, but other than that, this side is pretty much done as well. Some touch up paint, but overall finished. The corner shelves were interesting to work. I think the opening is still a little small, but didn't want to just close in that space and lose it. This was a bit more work than that, but I think it looks good.

The last touch we will do is that we will put colored glass in the Mickey Heads in the top skirts.

It was a really fun and exciting project to do. I will hopefully get to spend a lot more time with my lathe over the next few months. Christmas is coming soon and I need to get bowls done!

Thanks for taking a peek, comments are always welcome.


Donald would have been harder to cut in Apex, NC!

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