Turning Archive 2006

Gray holly *PIC*

Dave Belser
>About a year ago I picked up a piece of holly at our club auction. It had been cut and sealed a few months prior. I paid $20 for a 4' section about 7" dia. with lots of small branch stubs so I knew it would have plenty of knots in it adding character when I turned it.

Anyhow, I finally cut it open and turned some small stuff out of it. I'm surprised at how gray the wood is, it is still very interesting and pretty but much grayer than what I've seen at the lumber yard. I bleached a few turnings and they are much whiter (of course:)

Picture is not great, actual color is a gray/cream with darker gray streaks.

So what's the scoop on holly? There must be a few varieties and I just got a more gray one? Or does it depend on the size age of the tree?

- Dave

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