Turning Archive 2006

Don't ya just love "Ah ha's!!"?? *PIC*

Molly Winton
>When taking the class this summer from Christian Buchard, he said something that made a pretty significant impact on me. In the big scheme of things it's not really that big a deal, but it made an impression on me. He said, "Don't let the lathe limit your work!" We were discussing the lathe as one tool in our arsenal to create an aesthetically pleasing piece. As an example he used the openings of our vessels. (paraphrasing here...) "The lathe makes it round. That doesn't mean it has to stay that way!" We looked at my three panel story pieces and discussed the top horizontal lines of each panel as it relates to the opening. He asked me why I have all my openings round. Well, like duh, because they came off the lathe that way! Don'tcha just hate it when the obvious smacks you upside the head?

Thank you Christian......

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