Turning Archive 2006

really tiny goblets *PIC*

john lucas
>Well I'm getting there. The smallest is upside down in this photo and is 1/16" or smaller the biggest is 1/4". I don't know how I'll photograph them. I'll have to use tweezers very carefully to try and stand them up. For your information yellow heart is much smoother than ebony. Ebony and mesquite have very tiny sap pockets that are like huge fissures when viewed on this scale. Yellow heart turns well at this scale. I don't think I've reached it's limits yet. I'm going to try holly and see how it turns. One of the hardest parts so far is getting a good edge on my micro skew. So far all I've gotten is an overly round edge skew. I may have to rig up some kind of jig.

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