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Box Elder Burl Hollow Form *PIC*

Mike from St. Clair Shores
>This box elder burl is 14 inches tall, and 12 inches across the top. Bark inclusions have made 3 pretty neat openings into the vessel. I turned the walls to 3/4 of an inch. I wanted to go thinner, but would have blown out one side. It took me quite a while with a chain saw to orient the block to a suitable position for turning. The rays go from top to bottom all the way around. I picked the bark off with a scribe tool and then used a toothbrush to scrub the cambien and mold from the surface with some clorox. The points all across the top are very sharp. This piece came from a club member who put out the call that his son just cut it down and the burl was about 8' long. Many members got huge hunks of it. Any comments or suggestions welcome.

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Box Elder Burl Hollow Form *PIC*
Here's another side of it *NM* *PIC*
I'd bet the top is like turning a cheesegrater
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