Turning Archive 2006

home made inertia sander *PIC*

Bob Elliott
>This project was inspired by a recent article in Woodturning Design. The handle started out roughly 3/4" square. A 5/16" hole was drilled at slight angle and then the opposing 5/8" counter bores to accept the bearings. After drilling was complete, I placed it between centers to round the lower handle to accept the 3/4" plastic tubing. Finished handle length is 8 1/2".
The sanding pad is 3" and can easily be replaced with a 2". I removed the original hex shaped shaft (unscrewed it). Then I cut / threaded my own 1/4" piece of drill rod.
There are (2) 1/4" I.D. sealed bearings and (2) 1/4" I.D. collars which came from Enco (could not find the bearings in local hardware stores).

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