Turning Archive 2006

New Wood Turning Studio at John C. Campbell

David Galloway
>I was just up at Brasstown for a board meeting. Went over to the wood turning studio to make some final plans re: cabinets. We are planning on opening the new studio in October. This is a result of a lot of folks who pitched in $100, $500, $1000 to make this new studio happen. Many chapters have given money for this. As I sat in the board meeting talking about capital fund raising, the thrill was to talk about the grassroots movement among woodturners to make this a reality. I am very proud of our community.
We have had some companies contribute but our goal is to have the lathes donated by a "smart" company who knows that if beginning turners use their lathes, the chances are they may buy them. Let's see how smart they are. We are attempting to close that deal at the IWF in Atlanta this week. If you are there and are by certain vendors, make sure to mention JCC. This is going to be a fabulous setting for new and intermediate turners.
By the way, my current issue is finishing and we have a room dedicated for this procedure in the new studio.
get a catalog at www.folkschool.org.

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