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Clay Foster's Master Arrowmont Class *PICS* 1/5 *PIC*

>Results of Clay Foster's Master Class at Arrowmont. I was lucky enough to receive a partial scolarship and even luckier to be allowed to attend. Perhaps the best turning class/experience I have had in over 25 years of turning. What follows are PICS of items directly resulting from Clay's class.

Created during Clay Foster's Masters Class at Arrowmont. 22 3/4 x 7, poplar, multi axis, multi-component box. Brass rods, copper wire, red undercoat of milk paint coated and rubbed through black gesso. Each "child" is carved in differering patterns. Will post close ups of individual components later.

Clay's leadership and mentoring have had a profound affect on me. He has unleashed a monster ... though he claims the monster was already there. I still turn bowls, but I have discovered other avenues to pursue with VIGOR!

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Clay Foster's Master Arrowmont Class *PICS* 1/5 *PIC*
Great stuff
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