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Follow up for Doug in Crawfordsville.

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>As advertised, I was in the Woodcraft store in Casselberry today, and they have indeed substantially increased their wood inventory much like the Jacksonville store did. There were also some nice bowl blanks, but I was on another mission, so passed.

I thought of another place worth visiting that I forgot to post earlier, although it's not woodworking related. It's Mount Dora, about halfway between Ocala and Orlando. It's kind of like Niagara-on-the-Lake, if you're familiar with that. Very picturesque, lots of quaint little stores. Probably more of a chick place, but it's so nice to look at around the lake that if you have some time it might be worth stopping by.

It's actually convenient to get to Casselberry from there, should you want to combine trips. Just take US441 to Apopka, and somewhere in there SR436 intersects it. Take 436 through Altamonte Springs, across I-4, into Casselberry, and the Woodcraft is just east of US17-92 (spoken as “seventeen ninety two” throughout the Orlando area) on the left hand side.

Hope you have a good time.


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Follow up for Doug in Crawfordsville.
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