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Product review, thank you's, and a question (Long)

Mike in Navarre, FL
>I haven't had much chance to check the board over the last two months as the military has moved me to Barksdale Air Force Base (Shreveport/Bossier City area LA) and I don't have internet set up there yet. On top of that my grandfather passed away from liver cancer. It has been a whirlwind of activity these last couple of months but I'm back in FL visiting the wife for the week-end (she has nursing school to complete over the next eight months so I'll be down here once or twice a month until she's done) and have access on my in-laws computer. I owe a belated thanks to John Trant for taking me under his wing while I was in Maryland for my training. Also to Chris K and the Baltimore Area Woodturners for adopting me while I was there for a couple of meetings and for some nice wood. Also to Gary Evans for letting me stop by on my way to Maryland and for a couple of pieces of nice wood from him as well. On to the product review. Some folks had mentioned they were interested in the Barracuda II chuck from Penn State Industries. I managed to convince my wife that I desperately needed one and that I had to try it before the movers came to get our stuff. If someone has already chimed in with a review, sorry for the repeat (I haven't had time to look through the several thousand messages I've missed over two months). I find it to be an overall decent product for the money. The action was a bit sticky when I first opened it but it has since loosened up a bit and I'm beginning to like it more. The only complaint I have is that it seems the pin jaws don't run true. I got a lot of vibration when using them and found that the only time there doesn't seem to be any wobble is when they are fully closed with no wood in them. I have had no problem with any of the other jaws but have not had much opportunity to try the step jaws so there may be more to come on that. My final verdict is to get it as a back-up or beginner chuck but save and move up when you can (that's what I'm doing). On to my question. Does anyone know of any turners or carvers (I inherited a set of carving tools from grandpa) in the Shreveport/Bossier City area? I know there are no Woodcraft stores in the entire state and there is a club in the southern part but I'm not sure where the other club is (I think it's also a bit southern for me). Also, for any AAW members, I seem to remember maybe two members in the area but I don't have the phone listings. If anyone cares to pass on their names to me or my e-mail to them, feel free. Sorry for the long post but it looks like I'll be on my own for a bit as far as learning goes (except for you fine folks!). Thanks for listening and sorry for the long post.
Mike in Navarre, FL and Haughton, LA

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