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making a hollowing tool -- beginner

eliot d
>I managed to make a simple hollowing tool by drilling a small hole at an angle in the end of a rod and using CA glue to fasten one of those 3/16 bits in the hole. The problem I had was grinding part of the square bit into a round tenon so it would fit into the hole. What I did was to spin it in a drill against my grinding wheel; but that quickly wore a groove along the edge of the grinding wheel.

Is there a better way to grind the round tenon at the end of a square bit?

Can I use a drill bit next time instead of the square bit?

How about part of an alan head wrench?

Also what's the best way to form a swan neck shape in a rod? And what's the best rod material?

I have numerous professionally -made hollowing tools, but they are too large for the current project. I'm trying to hollow through a 3/4 inch hole.

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