Turning Archive 2006

mini goblet *PIC*

John Lucas
>I had some fun last night. I made new mini tools from finishing nails and turned this goblet. It's really cool. The wood cuts just like normal except your feed rate of the tool is greatly reduced. As you can imagine the cut might only be .025" deep for the cove at the top so you have to be pretty easy with the tool. The cutting angles of the tools are different and some cuts work better in a scraping motion. For example the only way I could get a clean cut across the bottom edge was to use the skew on it's side. At any cutting angle I tried you raised a burr on the edge. This is ebony and has some rather large (on this scale) pores. I'm going to try another wood this weekend.

I'm going to have to make new tools out of better steel. I used finishing nails and even hardened them but they just don't cut as well as my jewelers screwdriver. At this maginification you can see the tool grind marks and you can really tell the difference in the steels.

I made a goblet about 1/3 smaller last night but when parting off the base it fell to the floor never to be seen again. I need a way to catch the goblet so I came up with an idea. I will chuck a piece of 3/32 brass tubing in my tailstock and just before I make the final parting cut I'll slide the brass tubing over the goblet. That way it will simply go into the pipe as I cut it off.

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