Turning Archive 2006

Turning punky wood *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>There have been questions about what to use on punky wood, so that it could be turned without ripping the wood fibers out, when sharp tools and good tool position will not do.
The usual answers of water, wax or oil, CA or PEG and life is to short to ^*&%$# around with bad wood.
However I have used before the thinned white glue with water approach, with some success.
Couple a months ago I had to make more room in the shop for more wood again, short story is I found some elm in a plastic bag that was past due, turned it anyway and made some pictures of the result when the wood was dry after immersion in the glue soup, and after turning it again, no sanding, just off the tool result.
The glue soup I use is 50/50 white glue/water and the rough turned wood was dried first for a day or two then immersed in the soup for a day, then left to dry for a couple of weeks till fully dried, then finish turned.

Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

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