Turning Archive 2006

Free graphics software

Dinyar Chavda
>I came across a free graphics shareware program (along the lines of Paint Shop or PhotoShop Elements), and I donít think it has been mentioned here before. Itís called PhotoFiltre, and itís at http://www.photofiltre.com/ . I know that some of you use Gimp, which has gotten excellent reviews, but for some reason, I never felt comfortable using it.

If you want to try PhotoFiltre, copy Plug-ins and Tutorials from the 2nd page you come to, and then go to the Downloads page, and copy PhotoFiltre in the appropriate language, the appropriate Language Files, scroll down and copy all the Predefined selections for PhotoFiltre, Masks for the PhotoMasque module, and Patterns for PhotoFiltre. When you do this, make sure that you download the Selections, Masks and Patterns into different folders, as you will be copying them into separate folders in the final installation.

The program seems to have most of the features of Paintshop and Elementsóthe only one that I havenít seen so far is a Histogram function, although I havenít done a direct comparison. The interface is fairly intuitive. There is a forum of users, but you need to learn French, as almost all of it is in that language.

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